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Abundant Life Christian Counseling can help you when you need life coaching. We are the marriage counselors in Livonia, MI, 48154I who can help you live your life better. With more than 15 years experience, our counselors know a lot for different practices for better living. Anytime you need marriage counseling, you can contact Abundant Life Christian Counseling.

Problems have no limitations. They outrage all ages, all fronts, all ranges and every area of our lives. Usually, problems strike unexpectedly and hard, and in order to win against them, you have to be prepared to strike back harder and with more power. That’s where Abundant Life Christian Counseling of Livonia, MI, 48154 comes in. Our counseling knowledge and experience is exactly what you need to address and defeat your problems. Our marriage counselor will help you break out of the cycle of frustration and defeat. Are you tired of feeling confused and depressed?  If you are, then that’s why we’re here – to give you the skills, tips, tools, – in essence, the counseling you need to overcome the difficulties in your life and learn to apply the relevant truth of God’s Word to your everyday life.

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Abundant Life Christian Counseling
Address: 15223 Farmington Road #6 Livonia, MI, 48154
Phone: (734) 788-0842

Abundant Life Christian Counseling is a team of professionals dedicated to supporting the personal and interpersonal functioning of our diverse Livonia, MI, 48154 Christian community. Our goal is to promote the development of the full potential of our patients in a non-judgmental, inclusive and confidential environment. Don’t live in unhappiness a minute longer. Don’t live your life feeling miserable, sad unhappy and purposeless. Take hold of life. Get free. Get help by contacting our office now. You owe it to yourself to be a happy, complete and spiritual person.

We offer individual and group counseling:
  • to assist with life difficulties
  • to facilitate personal and social growth
  • to intervene in times of crisis
  • to help you come closer to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Our counseling strategies provide a wide range of options to help you do your best during a time of crisis. We offer short and long term, confidential counseling in a variety of areas including:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress management
  • domestic violence
  • relationship issues
  • substance abuse
  • and much more.

Man during counseling sessionAt Abundant Life Christian Counseling, we believe in and value marriage, as well as the sacred meaning of the family. While individual counseling addresses the very personal aspects of our lives, marriage counseling takes into account the unique circumstances and relationship between two people. We are committed to family & couples counseling and address not only the individuals who are hurting but also the relationships that connect each member of the group. Your marriage counselor will work alongside you and your spouse to resolve the underlying issues, so your family is able to enjoy healthy, lasting and rewarding relationships. The marriage counseling process works to bring healing to the relationship between you and your loved one, as well as restoring the communication in your marriage.

by Ashley K. on Optima theme

James Dignan has helped my husband and me with our marriage. I am really glad that I have met such a professional and reliable person. I highly recommend his services.

Participating in a life coaching program facilitates personal growth and development. Our life coach will work with you, in order to help you succeed in any area that you may need. When you work with our expert you will be on the right path for creating behavior changes, improving your performance, as well as employing a results oriented and solution focused systematic process. Ultimately, your happiness is up to you but we can give you the tools and knowledge to live a balanced and productive life.

Call today at (734) 788-0842 and schedule your confidential counseling session at Abundant Life Christian Counseling to take the first step towards a better and happier life.