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Ending a Marriage

Professional marriage counseling tips

Marriage is complex. There are times when you and your spouse are happy together. And there are also times when you wish to end it. Yet, before you make the last step, namely divorce, you should try to resolve the problem. Listed below are some small marriage counseling tips.

Consider what needs to be changed A good way of starting to resolve the dissatisfaction you feel is to identify the problem. Instead of simply saying “I’m not happy anymore.” you should ask “Why am I unhappy?”. By asking yourself such a question you can identify the source of dissatisfaction and work on removing it.

Speak with your spouse You should do it when you are both calm and not distracted by anything. Speak to them about why you are unhappy. Use a lot of “I” statements but do not blame. Focus more on listening than speaking. Avoid ultimatums especially the type ”Do this or else.”.

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship when married can be difficult at times. Yet, it is important to try and speak with the other to reach a compromise. If you would like to learn more about resolving relationship problems, contact an expert on marriage counseling. An example of such specialist is Abundant Life Christian Counseling in Livonia, MI, 48154.