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Important Things to Look for in a Counselor

Looking for a Counselor

Counselor Livonia, MIWhen life’s concerns are giving us too much stress, it is wise to seek counsel. You can have a friend who you can consider a confidante. Someone who you can entrust with your thoughts. But it is normal to feel that speaking to that friend is not enough. You need more than a listening ear. When this time comes, it is best to speak with a professional. Finding a trustworthy counselor is not easy though. There could be a lot of people who call themselves counselors but are only in it for the money. The following are some questions you should ask to determine if you have found the right counselor for you.

What is your specialty?

It is wise to talk to a professional who has a wide experience in the area you are concerned with. If your concern is a little of everything, they must be able to handle that as well. Some counselors focus on marriage therapy only. If you are single and is not mostly concerned about family, you would not be able to get a lot from your sessions. You will be able to find counselors who deal with almost everything. This is good in a way they would know how to deal with every aspect of life. But if you need a specialist, then it is better to find one.

What is your counseling techniques?

Counselors use different approaches in their counseling sessions. Some counselors have a broad knowledge of different techniques and approaches. This is good because they will be able to give you great suggestions on how to deal with the situation. Counselors who focus on one technique and approach might not be able to help you with other concerns.

What is your counseling background?

It is not a walk in the park to become a counselor. They have to go through proper education, training and take licensure exams. Their years of experience in counseling matters. Yes, they have to start somewhere, but choose a professional who has experience.

Ask these questions and some others you have in mind before hiring a counselor. Talk to them to see if you are comfortable with them. You can find trustworthy counselors in Abundant Life Christian Counseling. Their office is in Livonia, MI, 48154.