Abundant Life Christian Counseling

Life Coaching

Woman at a counselorLife coaching sessions provided by Abundant Life Christian Counseling of Livonia, MI, 48154 are meant to help you lay down a plan to work towards a goal you wish to achieve in any area of your life: relationships, career, your passions, etc. A coach will support you while helping you get a clear perspective as to where you are going next and of course how to get there. Life coaching is an efficient way to help you connect with the truth inside you. How does our coach do this?

  1. Listens to your needs, your story;
  2. Helps you to determine the productive course of action that will allow for your happiness;
  3. Works with you consistently to ensure your persistence and commitment to the success of your future fulfillment;
  4. Assists you in devising plans to aid you on your chosen path;
  5. By being dedicated to helping you realize your own truth.

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Some Abundant Life Christian Counseling clients need to hone their life skills abilities in order to move forward and live functional and balanced lives. As with all of our therapies, our approach to life coaching is highly correlated to the client’s individual needs. The other key component of our program focuses on our highly individualized approach to the Goal Planning and Achievement process. We help individuals set effective goals that create a healthy balance between their priorities, values, as well as obligations.

As your coach, your Abundant Life Christian Counseling expert will support you in:

  • Creating your vision
  • Shaping your future
  • Having focus, clarity and direction
  • Finding your passion
  • Making effective decisions
  • Focusing and committing to your goals
  • Creating the balanced life that you wish for
  • Getting results

Moving Forward and Improving Your Life Can Involve:

  • Challenging beliefs, attitudes and habits
  • Uncovering what you are avoiding
  • Learning to respond not react
  • Becoming a participant rather than a spectatorWoman comforting a child
  • Focusing on solutions not details and problems
  • Creating your purpose and vision
  • Taking responsibility not blaming and justifying
  • Doing things differently
  • Tapping into your potential
  • … and much more

If you want to find your purpose, make your dreams reality, push through fear, realize your potential, and generally live a happier and richer life at home and at work then give us a call at (734) 788-0842 now to schedule your life coaching session and to find out more about our marriage counseling services.