Abundant Life Christian Counseling

Professional Counseling for Addictions, Depression, and Anxiety

There is nothing worse than seeing our loved ones suffering when we are not able to help them. Abundant Life Christian Counseling has various treatments for a wide range of family problems, personal addictions, violent behavior. We will use the correct newest scientific method and with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ will help you out of the troubles. Our clients from Livonia, MI, 48154 rely on us for counseling and help every day. We are available for bookings at (734) 788-0842. Reach us today and let us take you back to the light and happy days!   We will be there to lead you through the difficult time of your life. Our counseling will help you overcome addictions like alcohol, drugs, hoarding, food, gaming, bad relationships, gambling, and more. With more than 15 years of practical experience, we have become experts in individual and group therapy. When it comes to addictions the entire family of the addicted is suffering. With the help of our Saviour Jesus Christ, we heal the souls of the suffering patients, their relatives, and friends.   Part of our counseling and healing process is the group therapy. The methods chosen in our addictions counseling service depends on the kind of the addiction and its severity. Some of our clients need a friendly shoulder to share their burdens or a good advice and they return to the joyful lives they had before. Occasionally there are more serious cases and a prolonged and detailed treatment is necessary. Regardless of the issue, we will help you first get to the root cause and the details of the problem, then our psychologist will assist you with specifically selected methods to overcome the addiction. Then we will follow you through the recovery period and help you improve your life than before. Abundant Life Christian Counseling can help you with any addiction, marriage issue, depression, stress, or anxiety. We use our Lord’s guidance to select the ultimate counseling method that is right for our client. We have a certified domestic violence counselor, licensed psychologist, and certified addictions counselor. Do not waste precious time and call us when you notice the signs of addiction or deviant behavior. We are here to provide our services to all clients in Livonia, MI, 48154 and offer an available sliding fee scale.