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Rekindling the Romance

Professional marriage counselor tips to reigniting the spark

Marriage is a complex and incredible experience. It can be one of the amazing events of your life and that of your spouse. Unfortunately, there comes a time when the spark of romance dies. Yet, there are ways to reignite the fire.

Transform the bedroom A master bedroom is a place that should be treated as a location for a romantic retreat. Yet many couples tend to neglect this room. A good way to rekindle the romance is to make this spot turn once more into a retreat. This can be done by organizing the room and adding some romantic elements.

Plan for date night Another way that you and your spouse can reignite the spark is to set aside one night of the week for a date. This will help you to reconnect and feel intimate again. You may also want to consider getting creative when planning a date.

Maintaining the romance and intimacy in a marriage can be challenging to achieve. Yet, there are small ways that make it possible. If you would like to learn more of these ways, contact a professional marriage counselor such as Abundant Life Christian Counseling in Livonia, MI, 48154.