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Get an Expert Advice on Domestic Violence Prevention From Our Licensed and Certified Counselor

Domestic violence is a tough issue to be dealt with. That is why you can rely on us for support and assistance. Abundant Life Christian Counseling has a certified domestic violence counselor to help anyone in Livonia, MI, 48154. We have 15 years of practical experience in resolving family issues and personal problems. We are always right here to help you deal with any situation quickly and safely. Trust our experts and your problem will be gone once and forever. Book a consultation with us at (734) 788-0842 and let us get you a step closer to the blissful life of a true family.   With our services, you have the expertise of a licensed psychologist and a certified addictions counselor. Just as our clients rely on us for guidance, that is how we trust our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With faith in God, anything is possible and we will help you walk through the troubles of the past and return to the light.   Abundant Life Christian Counseling professional domestic violence counseling service starts with the determination of the situation in detail. We will dig in the past to establish the reason for the violent behavior and when it was begun. It is common that the aggressive behavior is caused or follows any kind of addiction. We will find the link and work on the issue. Then we will take the necessary actions to create custom-tailored recovery programme and prevention tactics. Our counselor will talk through all details of the situation with the violent member of your family and with everyone in the household. All actions that we will take aim to settle the differences and help you realize that the violence is not the answer. Once the brutalities are seized and our clients are at peace we will help build a stronger relationship in the family. Our professionals will work with you for as long as you need us and after that, we will be just a phone call away if you need us. Call us if you need individual guidance, domestic issues, family or couple’s counseling. Our counselor will be there to help you with any addictions, depression, personal growth, and even help you get out of bad relationships. We are available for booking from all clients in Livonia, MI, 48154. Don’t waste time and look for your help before it has become too late!