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Types of Human Behavioral Addictions


Presented by a Professional Counselor

Addictions are a big problem not only for the addict but also for their friends and relatives. Besides the standard alcohol and drug addictions, there exist behavioral addictions. What types are there? The answers are provided by a professional counselor, below.

  • Gambling. Of all behavioral addictions, this one is most like the addiction to drugs or alcohol. And almost as dangerous for both your brain health and your wallet.

  • Internet. No matter how useful the Internet is today, some people manage to develop a serious addiction to it. They literally eat and sleep in front of their computers and laptops. Although you may not realize it is a problem for you, your family may suffer the negative consequences of this kind of situation. How to get help?  Getting support from an experienced counselor is very important. Group therapy is also an option.

  • Food. A tremendous number of the people are looking for a solution to their food problems. They usually eat large amounts of unhealthy food all the time. If you experience the same trouble and your refrigerator is full of ”junk” food you even consume at night, you have a very serious eating disorder. Don’t worry. You can seek advice from a professional on regaining control.

  • Shopping. This kind of addiction is more typical for women. If you feel the need to purchase new and new items online every day, this has definitely become a behavioral issue for you. Many women do it to fight feelings of sadness and depression. A reliable counselor can provide you with therapy, helping you realize your emotional dependence, as well as how to implement self-protective methods.

 If you have any of the addictions listed above, do not wait, and get in touch with Abundant Life Christian Counseling. Call the trustworthy  addiction counselor from Livonia, MI, 48154, at (734) 788-0842.